the originals season 2 promo song

What was the song playing when hayley find a concours apres bac pro doll and marcel and camille have sex?
The link is m/watch?
S2 E2 Alive and Kicking, klaus wants Hayley to re-establish herself in her pack.Mikael is impatient under Davina.2 replies 2 replies, does anyone know the song that plays near the end of season two episode 3 when the mother is talking about her plan to take klaus and elijah down?S2, e9, the Map of Moments, after reuniting with her brothers, Rebekah convinces Elijah and Klaus to participate in a family.S2, e6, wheel Inside europa park woolacombe promotional code the Wheel, after Klaus demands that Esther lets Elijah go, she ends up revealing secrets from Klaus' past.Rebekah tells Hope a fairy tale as she puts her to bed.Hayley finds it hard to be honest with Jackson.1 reply 1 replies the four or five people at the very beginning of the episode who sings Carol of Bells.Hayley realizes Klaus.What song is it when Klaus gets up and is on his way to stab Rebekah for betrayal?A plan is put into motion take down Vincent.

S2 E21 Fire with Fire, what is the music used at davina claire's speech at the coven of witches more.
Hayley orders Klaus to writes down his wishes for the bonfire tradition.
Episode 7 Klaus killing his true father in back sadly song any one knows the music in this scene please : ( m/watch?
Season 2 episode 1; what's the name of the song playing at 11:47?
15 questions, what's the song that's playing when Kol asks for the White Oak Stake and Klaus walks in almost half an hour into the episode?2 replies 2 replies What was the song playing when Rebecca was telling the baby a story?S2 E4 Live and Let Die, davina and Mikael go to her family cabin in the woods.S2 E6 Wheel Inside the Wheel, after Klaus demands that Esther lets Elijah go, she ends up revealing secrets from Klaus' past.Klaus informs Esther that she is turning into a vampire; Klaus, Kol Marcel gather around Rebekah's body; Kol hands the dagger over to Marcel.What is the song when hope meets jackson first veste de concours equitation decathlon time before the wedding?1 reply 1 replies, anyone know thesong that plays at the end of The origianals season 2 episode 4?Scene: Marcel talking to Josh says it was made by Tiery.

Does anyone know the song that was played in the season 2 trailer?
Does anyone know what is the violin piece they playing when Elijah is in Hayley's room?